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Romantic Pursuits Overview:
Romantic Pursuits was our answer to any critics who claimed our games were too hot. Romantic Pursuits - based on the Sexual Pursuits game engine - focuses on romance first and foremost. Its a softer, sweeter game with graphics to match. If you want to introduce your lover to sexy games, this might be the best way to begin.

Of course, Romantic Pursuits is fully configurable and has thousands of interactions. the design is a little more kitsch, but it works really nicely. Everything is adjustable and the game plays as fast, slow, short and long as you both want.

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Secret Desires Sex Game Couple Main Screen

"I WANT THAT GAME!!!!I found it tonight on the computer. I think my boyfriend downloaded the demo to see if he liked it. I don't care if he does or not...I LOVE IT!!! I'm gonna surprise him and get if for us. So let me know what I need to do to get this game! Please!" - O. Manchester, UK

Click Here to Buy Romantic Pursuits Instant Access - Only $14!

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Romantic Pursuits is packed full of features. Here are a few of them:

  • Pick from over twenty items of clothing. There are girly items and items for the guys to wear! Don't worry - he won't be wearing your panties unless you want him to!).
  • Eleven kinky things to try. You can switch them on or off. If you're strictly a missionary position couple then all you need to do is keep these pesky things turned off. But if you want to try something new...
  • Thousands of sexy interactions. There are loads of different things to try and you're going to have a whole lot of fun finding out some new things about each other too!
  • Sexy toys. It doesn't matter if you don't own any. Mind you, after playing for a few weeks you might want to try some. It really is great to introduce a vibrator or even some handcuffs to the gameplay at some point!
  • Loads of game settings allow you to set the game up exactly as you want it. Control the starting level, the game speed, the amount of surprise and drinking games. Like I said - loads of configuration options!
  • Game assistant to make sure you get the most from your game. If she thinks you're not doing well she might just intervene and spice things up! You can switch her on and off at the game control panel!