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Windows 8 and Sex Games for Couples

Our games work very well with Windows 8 but sadly we have discovered that there are a few complications for our much valued customers! If you have problems installing or downloading our products using Windows 8 please have a look at the instructions below...

Downloading a Game

Click or touch the corresponding button below to install the game you want. You'll be asked for an email address before you can download the demo. Don't worry - this is just our way of saving bandwidth and preventing automated bots from downloading the game.

Sexy Party Game Board  Secret Desires Download button Sexual Pursuits download button

Windows 8 Users - If you experience problems with the links try right clicking the download button and selecting "open link" or "open in browser".
Select "Run" when the prompt appears as shown below...
Sexy Party Game Board

Note that once the game has been downloaded you will see a security warning. This looks something like the screen below. This warning ensures that the product you are about to download has been digitally signed and not modified by any other programs. Click the Yes button to confirm that you want to install the game on your computer system.

You'll then be asked where you want to install the software, etc. Using the default location for these options (i.e., clicking Next to get through the setup process!) is fine.

Finding the Installed Game

Once you have followed the download instructions you should find that a shortcut for the game you wish to try has appeared in your Windows 8 Start Screen as shown below:

Sexy Party Game Board

Now we've moved the game icon to a better place on the Start screen. Its a shame we had to use the scrollbar to find it in the first place...

Sexy Party Game Board

Playing the Game:

The hard part should now be over. Your game demo is now installed and you can click the icon to play whenever you want! Just play the game in the normal way and exit / quit when you are done.

Sexy Party Game Board

Removing the Game:

Our games all come with full install and uninstall functionality. From your point of view all you need to do is right click the icon in the Start screen and then left click the Uninstall "bin" that appears as shown below...

Sexy Party Game Board

That's it! We're slowly growing to like Windows 8 as it does give extra performance to our day to day workload. Its all a matter of personal preference, of course, but you can be assured that we are supporting all versions of Microsoft Windows with our games.



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