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Sexy Games for Couples - Customer Service Center

We've recently decided to consolidate our websites. This older design has turned out to be the most popular of our websites and has really stood the test of time. So we're making this the main site again - by popular request!

Full Version Downloads:

For security reasons, access to the unrestricted full versions are limited.  The location of our full version order page is supplied in your order information email. If necessary, you can request a copy of this by dropping us a line.

User Manuals:

You can find online user manuals for our products here:

Sexual Pursuits User Guide

Romantic Dares User Guide

Sexy Party User Guide

iBlush User Guide - Coming Soon!

Contacting Us:

If you'd like to get in touch, send an email to sexygamedesigns @ Don't forget to remove the spaces first!

Replacement Passwords / Login Details:

Due to the impact on our support team we charge for replacement passwords. Use the link below to order replacement passwords or access to the full version download area.

Send Replacement Passwords and Full Version Access Details