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Adult Sex Games - Feedback
This page contains some of the comments that we have received about these games! Note that these are exceprts from genuine emails we've received from people who tried and / or bought the games.

The positive and negative feedback we receive is always very useful. It also makes us very happy to know what you think of our products!

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Here are some of the things that have been said about our games...

Customer Comments

Thanks for the extra game! I'll be sure to reccomend your game to my friends!. (Well, some of my friends, anyway...

Spices up our sex life

I liked the user interface and the simplicity but yet with so many options.

Multiplayer, lots of options, cool animations, good sound fx, best game like it that I have seen.

Well designed; looks professional.

From what I see so far, allowing shy players, couples, hetero-only, and/or alcohol free options is a great way to make the game realistic to play and seem approachable to people. 

The game looks really good & we can't wait to play it properly with some time to spend on it. I will drop you a line with our thoughts for some constructive feed back,

I just wanted to say that your game is very well done. My wife and I aregoing to have the weekend to ourselves (no kids) this weekend and wanted toknow if we can get the full version by Fri. June 16. Thanks for your time.

I WANT THAT GAME!!!!I found it tonight on the computer. I think my boyfriend downloaded the demo to see if he liked it. I don't care if he does or not...I LOVE IT!!! I'm gonna surprise him and get if for us. So let me know what I need to do to get this game! Please!

First of all thank you for writting and producing Sexual Pursuits and SexyParty. My SO and I enjoy it immensly...

I've downloaded S-Party (demo version), and have had abit of time to check it out. I like the way you've expanded on the original conceptos S-Pursuits, the added customization options really fill the app out. the save/load features are good. and presets are always a good idea. I think most of all, as you've stated in the readme, the ability to import/export database entries is the best change. It makes the app so much less constrained. I noticed you said that you were looking to get some kind of users area on the web, to allow exchanges and collating of users own entries. I agree this is a good way to go. Couple of very minor things I noticed (i'm going from memory here!!!) in the fetish sleection dialog, the auto help text (appears when you hover the pointerover the text) shows incorrectly for shave/sleep andcustom 1,2,3 I think. the other was, in the maintantence screen, you have close screen and closeapp (or something like that). might be worth changingclose app to 'exit game', in-line with other screens.oh, finally on some of the dialog boxes which arepresented at various times, it will be for a question like 'do you want to do....' and the buttons are 'ok'and 'cancel' when really they'd be better saying 'yes''no'.please take the above as *constructive*, as with allmy comments : )

Hi there! I downloaded your demo... the game looks great! I thought of somealternative tickling accessories that would be 'round the house, as it were:-- Paintbrushes-- Toothbrushes-- Nylons for tying?Do the tickle-games include basic "tickle for one minute" items, or do youinclude things like "holding out"?

Hi ! many thanx for your game, we think it's great,

It was designed well and no apparent bugs existed.

Hi! The thanx should go to you for designing such a gob-smacking game.

I got a tip from a friend...and now have visited your homepage.Both Sexual Pursuits and Sexy Party are great. I have had the idea tocreate "the ultimate game" myself for about 3 years. It is tricky.It is easy to understand that you can not undress more than one time, butif you allow everything to will be so complex!

Many congratualions Richard and Berndetta. We try such games of a time often. This very good. Sexual Pursuits very clever.

Many thanks for a great game. Sexual Pursuits is the best game we ever tried. I'm not arguing, but you must be losing a fortune giving away free upgrades!

: My husband bought this game for me to celebrate our anniversary. I haven't tried anything like this before but have to say that I liked this a lot. Very tasteful and decent. A breath of frsh air. Thank You

$20.00 in the mail. Cannot wait. This is the best adult game of them all and we have tried every single one. What is still to come for version nine! ?? H H H

Brilliant site. Excellent game. My wife and I love it.

Hi, $20.00 is way too low for this little marvel! R & B have produced what must be the best adult game out there. We sent $20.00 by mail and we got our password the day that our letter arrived. Just in time for Saturday nite too! Yeah! Keep up the good work and lets hope version 9 has something spectacular in it. We're waiting!!!!!!

My wife and I bought the game last year when it was on version 2. We've enjoyed every version (somehow we skipped version 4?) and the latest is the best it has ever been. Our personal thanks to Richard and Bernadette for the time and effort they have put into this wonderful game. Our support goes with you.

We've enjoyed Sexual Persuits and Party is even better. What a great idea.

Very good games. The best things about them are the way that you allowed us to add new activities. Splendid!