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We've made the best sex game even better. With a smarter Windows 8 friendly interface and naughtier activities you'll find this the most explicit and downright outrageous adult sex game for couples money can buy!

Sexual Pursuits is an adult erotic adventure game that really is a "battle of the sexes" and a "battle of the sexed"! The game pits two lovers against each other, challenging them to "endure" various erotic escapades - or pay the penalties!

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The competitive element in Sexual Pursuits is twofold. Each player has a "turn" and during this turn they are requested to perform, accept or submit to a sexual activity. Accepting (and obviously performing) the challenge wins the player points. Refusing the challenge loses the player points. Points are also won and lost during the Trivia element of the game, which involves general knowledge questions being thrown at each player.

Sexual Pursuits Deluxe Edition

At the end of each players turn they have an opportunity to "spend" the points that they have accumulated during the game. The points can be used to buy a wide variety of naughty treats, ranging from stripping their opponents clothing to casting naughty sexual spells.

Game play can be spiced up with random drinking activities, sexy surprises and sexy favors. There's also a built - in Assistant feature to keep things heated (excellent for inexperienced players). The Assistant will appear from time to time (if she is activated) and grant players points if they are having a run of bad luck, force players to strip if they've been clothed too long.

Sexual Pursuits is a fully featured game. Here are some of its many features:

  • Thousands of widely varying activities.
  • Game Assistant to help "beginners" get the most from the game. For more experienced players, the Game Assistant is a lot of fun because she adds a mysterious and erotic random element to the game.
  • Intelligent Gameplay! The game keeps track of each player's physical condition and ensures that activities are provided to suit the condition of a player (for example, if a player gets tied up as a result of an activity the game remembers this and tailors subsequent activities to this 'predicament'.
  • 6 levels of explicitness from tame to extremely hot!
  • Over 4000 player interactions!
  • Many different fetishes.
  • Many different accessories
  • Maintenance screen for you to add your own activities!
  • Game Assistant to keep things interesting and to give help to players who are earning too few points to have fun with.

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